The secret to greater pleasure, deeper connection, and healthier relationships stems from getting to know what turns you on ~ and learning how to ask for it.

Erotic Blueprints™ As Seen On

How can you reach this level of intimacy and connection?

STEP 1: Start by taking the Erotic Blueprints Quiz to find out what your
primary Erotic Blueprint Type is.

STEP 2: Watch the Sex, Love & goop series on Netflix. It’s available in over 190 countries and 32 languages. 6 episodes, approximately 30 minutes long.

STEP 3: Notice what you notice. What turned you on? What surprised you?
Was there anything in particular that intrigued you? What do you most want to learn about?

STEP 4: Begin your journey into expanding your awareness and pleasure by signing up for the 8 module Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course here if you’re into DIY, although working with a coach will bring you infinitely further along in your pleasure journey (and the cost of the course is included in all of our programs).

STEP 5: Hire a Certified Erotic Blueprint Coach who can skillfully guide you through the course, help you overcome resistance, and achieve your goals to having more pleasure, love and connection in all areas of your life.

STEP 6: Fill out an application form to schedule a call with us. During our Passionate Possibilities call we’ll take some time to learn about your goals and obstacles. You’ll have a chance to learn about our private and group coaching programs and to find out if we’re a good fit.

STEP 7: Celebrate! You are on your way to a richer, more delicious life!