A Message from Dan & Gabrielle:

Hello Dear Friend ~

First of all, thank you! It means a lot to us that you attended one of our Intro Calls to hear a bit about the Erotic Blueprints and why they are so vital to making a difference in the quality of relationships – not just with intimate partners or a spouse – but with ourselves, and every other human we interact with both in and out of the bedroom.

Secondly, we have heard from many folks that they would like to start with some private coaching before jumping into a group program. While we have both enjoyed the process of learning in group programs over the past couple of years, we also recognize the basic human need for some folks to move more slowly and privately when it comes to sex and sexuality.

So here are some ways you can get started immediately with exploring the Erotic Blueprints:

  1. You can purchase the online 8 module Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course and go through it at your own pace. It includes also the Lifetime Membership in the Erotic Freedom Club – a great community of people like you, taking the same journey. The course with membership is $890.

  2. For $1500, you get all of the above + 2 private coaching sessions with one of us to help determine your goals and offer guidance on how to achieve them.

  3. We’re offering Private Coaching Sessions at $300 each for an individual or $500 for a couple. Discounted packages of 5 or 10 sessions are available as well. These run about an hour each and are offered over video or telephone. Please reach out for details.

  4. Currently, Gabrielle is offering 4 and 10 month coaching packages for individuals and couples who are ready to dissolve emotional blocks related to sexuality and want to experience deep erotic pleasure in their lives. These range from $10,000 to $50,000 depending on the specific offerings.

  5. Starting in January, we’ll be offering the Pleasure Sage Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Program. We’ll meet 2 times per month for 8 months. The program includes the full 8 module EBB course, lifetime membership in the Erotic Freedom Club, and access to a private group page where you can get additional support as you work through the modules. Each participant will also get 2 1:1 private sessions with one or both of us to receive coaching on whatever challenges or blocks show up. This group is open only to people we know personally to ensure it will be a solid, engaging and super fun group of people that are open to learning and sharing their wins, insights, challenges and experiences with the Erotic Blueprints in a friendly, supportive community.

    Price: $8,000 per person / $15,000 per couple. Lock in our special holiday rate of $6000 per person or $10,000 per couple by booking before Dec. 10th.

Payment plans and a limited number of need-based scholarships are available. Please reach out to either of us with any questions or to sign up.

We look forward to helping you experience more pleasure in ALL areas of your life!

With love and pleasure,

Dan & Gabrielle

Contact Dan: 413.854.3092 or email
Contact Gabrielle: 413.717.0031 or email